Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our first post from the road!

For starters, we didn't leave Denver until 5:30 pm. Then, we took a wrong turn. The upside of getting lost in the middle of Wyoming in the middle of the night is that we got to our campsite at sunrise. Watching the sun rise and slowly illuminate the Grand Tetons is good for the soul. A sight like no other. The snow capped peaks shone like the stars. It was awesome.

Since we were running a bit late, we didn't see much in Yellowstone. Tonight, on to Glacier. BEFORE sunrise!

Now, on to pictures! These are all out of order and not edited or even cropped down yet, but you get the idea!

We are usually tucked in bed no more than 15 minutes after we've picked our site, after driving until 5 a.m. I think we might have done it in under 10!

Blue Steel, all fixed and ready to go.

So, it never actually occurred to me that the 45th parallel exists outside of the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. This was quite a surprise to the part of me that apparently felt the entire parallel was in MI.

Old Faithful was late!

What part of the "Do NOT feed the wildlife" signs did you not understand? This little dude was TERRIFIED for the record. Apparently, he did was not inside this lodge of his own volition.

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