Saturday, May 23, 2009

in Fort Nelson tonight

So, I have to apologize. I was a little harsh on northern Canada yesterday. There is some stunning scenery. It's generally pretty flat, but most areas are blanketed with trees. And the wildlife is also impressive. We had a caribou run in front of the car today:

That being said, there is still this weird propensity for flat places to make giant statues of things. Why? Well, to get people to stop. Today, we stopped at what MIGHT be the largest beaver statue in Canada.

There's another beaver statue in eastern Canada, we were told, that could possibly be larger, but they just haven't gotten around to measuring to see which one actually hold the title. Also, they apparently have had some trouble with people getting hurt on, around or maybe even by the statue:
We also tried to stop at the worlds largest glass beehive, but we must have driven right past it. And we were looking.

Oversided beavers aside, we are now officially on the road to Alaska. There was a momentum they erected for the occasion (I guess they didn't put it there just for us, but whatever).

And here is milemarker zero on the Alaska highway:

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