Saturday, May 23, 2009

Food in Canada is not that great

(This is Aaron writing) I don't want to tick off any Canadians out there, but food in Canada is pretty bad. Two national chains, Boston Pizza and Tim Horton's, are pretty bad.

First, Boston Pizza. It reminds me of Chuck E Cheese pizza, after you have been playing skeeball for about three hours. It's weird because the restaurants are very nice looking, well decorated, a nice selection on the menu. But the pizza is gross, and it must be the only place for the local high school kids to work over the summer. Seriously, the clerks were passing notes, giggling and holding very vocal side conversations while there was a line of five or six people waiting on them. Maybe I just hit them on a bad day, but I think Degrassi must have teen life in Canada spot on.

Then there is Tim Horton's. It's got all the hype of Krispy Kreme circa 2000. I was excited because everyone said that their donuts are good, but what they really do well is coffee. Not true. Admitted, the donuts were good. Not any better or worse than Dunkin Donuts or Kripy Kreme (is there a rule for donut stores to alliterate?). But their coffee was like freeze-dried Folgers. They brew it really hot (seriously, hot for even me) so you can't drink it until you are out of the store, and then then you only have your maple donut to complain too... sad state of affairs really.

We are in Grande Prairie now. And it looks like a grand prairie... If you have driving through Kansas or Nebraska, then picture that but a thosand miles longer. I say longer instead of larger, because places like this are not areas to enjoy but places to get through.

Zach and Lindsey, by the way, the meatballs were excellent. Eat them without fear.

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