Thursday, April 23, 2009

Road Conditions and Camping Situations

We'll need a new National Parks Pass, and we should probably order it while we still have time to get it! We also need to compare prices and decide if we want to get a Canadian National Park Annual Pass or just pay the entrance fees. I think we'll be better off just paying the fees. We should also check Mile Post for advice.

Grand Teton National Park/Yellowstone National Park
Saturday night: Jenny Lake Campground, open, $19, call 800-628-9988 for reservations
Road Closures: None in GTNP, YNP SHOULD be clear! I wanted to drive up from GTNP, stop at Old Faithful, and then head out through the Roosevelt Arch (since we missed it last time), and that path should be cleared on May 8th.

Glacier National Park
Sunday night: Updated Daily Only two campgrounds open, and they are both primitive right now. Upside: primitive camping = $10
Road Closures: Updated Daily It's not open through the park just yet, but we have a few weeks left.

Banff National Park
Monday night: We haven't yet picked out anywhere to camp, and I'm not finding any info online about what's open and what's not. Prices vary quite a bit from one location to another.

Road Closures: We're looking pretty good here.

Jasper National Park
Tuesday night: Fees and Opening Dates Again, we'll need to check things out and pick a campground.

Road Closures: We're looking pretty good here.

Grande Prairie
Wednesday night: Ramada: $88 per night, complimentary internet, restaurant on site, fitness center
Thursday morning I'll need to download my work and be sure I have everything I need before we leave.

Fort Nelson
Thursday night: Ramada: $75, internet available - we'll need to call to be sure there's no charge, there might be a pool, fitness center, continental breakfast

Friday night: Canada's Best: $97 but we'd have to pay for wireless access. Each room comes with high speed internet, but wireless has a fee. What? We'll need to call for details.
Westmark: $110, wireless access available but no info on pricing. This hotel looks nicer and has a fun looking restaurant on site.

It might be nice to get to Fairbanks Saturday night, settle in and start making lists of places to call for apartments, jobs, etc. but we may not get many landlords on the phone until Monday. Which means we're in a hotel until Tuesday at the soonest. Maybe we should check for a hostel in Fairbanks? Or camping outside the city?
Saturday night: Super 8: $71 - Call for internet pricing
Holiday Inn: $85, complimentary internet, pool, breakfast

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