Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures for Inspiration!

This blog is looking boring, here are some pictures of things we'd like to see and do on our trip:

Laird Hot Springs look like a great way to relax mid-trip. A fancy resort used to be open near here and I really wanted to stay, but they're website says they're closed. Still, we'll enjoy a good soak, maybe we can time it to be early morning or late night since the air will be frosty in May. So fun!

Jasper National Park:

We won't be able to spend as much time here as I'd like, but I'm happy with being able to spend SOME time at least. With any luck, our move back to the continental 48 can be leisurely and allow for more sightseeing.

Banff National Park:

This place almost looks fake doesn't it?

Signpost Forest:

I think there are lik 600,000 signs here or something.

I'm pretty excited about this trip. It's nice to feel like we're doing exactly what we should be doing and that this is all in God's hands. Here's hoping we find a pot of gold in Fairbanks!

All my images are from this site.

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  1. oh trust me, malign lake is not fake, and nope, that picture isn't the least bit retouched. That is exactly what it looks like. :) We have a family picture standing in front of it.

    (btw, this is 'brightonwoman' from MDC)