Saturday, October 23, 2010


  1. Arctic Ocean
  2. Enter the Arctic Circle
  3. Northern Lights - DONE!
  4. Iditarod start in Anchorage
  5. Denali Bus Tour - Maybe I'll settle for putting my name in the lottery and driving it. Driving it would be more comfortable and unusual.
  6. Kenai Fjords
  7. Glacier Bay
  8. Wrangell-St. Elias - DONE!
  9. Hike a volcano
  10. Midnight Baseball Game (summer 2011)
  11. Yukon Quest
  12. Ice Park
  13. Walk on a glacier
  14. Winter Solstice (winter 2011) I want to watch the moon circle the sky almost uninterrupted
  15. Wildlife/Glacier Cruise - let's see a puffin!
  16. Outhouse Races - DONE!
  17. Anchorage - DONE!
  18. Anchorage Zoo - DONE!
  19. Polar Bear in the wild [In Barrow you can watch a polar bear feast on a whale carcass]
  20. Chena Hot Springs - we should have drinks in the ice hotel bar
  21. Less Developed Hot Springs - Tolovana Hot Springs would fit the bill
  22. Permafrost Tunnel
  23. Alaskan Railroad
  24. Tour the super computer
  25. Touch a musk ox
  26. Visit Santa at the North Pole - DONE!
  27. Get a PFD!
  28. Play with the super cold. Water disappearing, bananas shattering, whatever.
  29. Museum of the North
  30. Alaskaland! (aka Pioneer Park) - DONE!
  31. Salmon Bake (mmmm) - DONE!
  32. I'd like to see the salmon run at one point. Anyone know where I can see a river so full of fish that I could just reach in there and grab one? Or are those rivers all claimed by bears?
  33. Ice Museum
  34. Gold Mine (any one of the cheesy tourist attractions will suffice)

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