Monday, May 17, 2010

Wohoo! 2010 Trip #1

We leave tomorrow for Denali National Park. I'd like to also stop by Denali State Park, which is supposed to have better views of Mt. McKinley (highest peak on the continent for anyone who didn't know) and stunning scenery. Lonely Planet tells me: "Some say on a clear day the panorama of Mt. McKinley here is the most spectacular view in North America." How could I pass that up?

Camping in the national park is free until Thursday, and the road is open to the public for an extra 17 miles. So we'll definitely drive along the road and see what we see, and enjoy the rare chance to see a bit more of the park without having to buy a bus ticket.

This will be us for the next few days:

(photo from

I may post pictures from the road if we get a convenient opportunity, or you may not see anything until Thursday.

Next up: Next week we'll be off to Anchorage & surrounding area.

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